Financial Literacy: Banzai Relief for Communities

Your account holders and communities are being forced to adapt to economic uncertainty. Banzai can help.
Banzai has mobilized and made your co-branded platform relevant for the present moment.
Response to Crisis
Banzai was born out of the 2008 recession, as an answer to economic pressures. Now Banzai is doing it again, answering the call to act and help those in need.

Banzai makes distance learning easy for teachers—a key concern with widespread school closures.

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The Banzai Wellness Center is packed with articles, calculators, and interactive tools aimed at helping families and individuals in crisis right the ship during financial storms.

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Banzai is the vehicle for financial institutions that want to help their communities develop financial resilience.

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Personal Advice

Your account holders and community members are taken care of when they sit down with the Banzai Coach, a virtual financial mentor. One Coach session is even designed for teens, helping them figure out their needs from their wants.

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More Demand for Curriculum
Since schools began the switch to remote teaching, teachers have signed up to use Banzai 3.5 times the weekly average.
Teach Financial Resilience

Households, teachers, and students need financial literacy now more than ever. With Banzai, you are helping people adapt.

So what are you waiting for? Change your community now.